Fourth Grade Bibliography

Print Sources
Online Sources


  1. For each source listed, begin first line at margin and indent each line that follows.
  2. Follow punctuation of the examples exactly.
  3. If you cannot find some information, such as author or place of publication, just leave it out.
  4. Arrange all sources in one list, alphabetically by first word, which will generally be either the author's last name or the first important word of the title.


Book with one author:

  1. Author, last name first.
  2. Title of book. (underlined)
  3. City of publication:
  4. Publisher, date of publication.
    Lasky, Kathryn.  The Man Who Made Time Travel. New York:  
       Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 2003.


Encyclopedia and other familiar reference books:

  1. Author of article (if available).
  2. "Title of article." (in quotation marks)
  3. Title of book. (underlined)
  4. Date of edition. (volume and page number not necessary if articles are arranged alphabetically).
    Odell, Daniel K.  "Dolphin."  The World Book Encyclopedia. 2006.
    Fehrenbacher, Don E.  "Lincoln, Abraham." The New Book of Knowledge. 
    "New Jersey."  Compton's Encyclopedia.  2002.


Article in a periodical (magazines, newspapers):

  1. Author (if available).
  2. "Title of article." (in quotation marks)
  3. Periodical title (underlined) date: page.
    O'Meara, Stephen James.  "The Power of Sound." Odyssey 
         March 2006: 7-9.
    Neeley, Dequendre.  "Retirement complex proposed in Oradell."  The 
         Record  21 August 1996: NJ1.


Online Encyclopedia:

  1. Author, if shown
  2. "Title of the article."
  3. Name of encyclopedia   (underlined).
  4. Date of your visit (day, month, year -- see example)
  5. <first part of http address> (enclosed in angle brackets -- see example).
     Clifton, James A.  "Delaware (tribe)."  Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia.  
        13 January 2006 <>.
     Clemens, Paul and Robert M. Hordon.  "New Jersey."  World 
        Book Online. 12 December 2005 <>.

World Wide Web:

  1. Author, if known
  2. "Title of the article."
  3. Title of complete work (underlined).
  4. Date of your visit (day, month, year -- see example)
  5. <full http address>. (enclosed in angle brackets -- see example)
    "Lenape Indian Fact Sheet." Native Americans for Children. 9 April 2006
    "Battle of Monmouth.  "New Jersey in the American Revolution." 13 March 2006
    Arnett, Bill. "Saturn."  The Nine Planets. 26 January 2006 
    "The Narwhal."  Discovering Whales. 14 March 2006

Susan Aroldi
Oradell Public School
Oradell, New Jersey

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